About CertTracker


Providing contractor management solutions for companies all over Australia since 2009. We have exclusively developed our proprietary system for tracking & managing compliance for ABNs, Insurance Certificate of Currencies, Workers Comp Certificate of Currencies, accreditations, licences, OHS policies, permits, and much more.

The CertTracker System

Tracking compliance normally requires a massive investment of time, money, and energy that can quickly become overwhelming. CertTracker emphasises automation, ease of use, and accessibility to eliminate your burden and provide the optimal contractor management solution:

  • 100% web-based, 24/7 accessible solution... no software required!
  • Manual oversight by the CertTracker Compliance Team.
  • All records checked & double-checked – we have you covered.
  • Immediate notifications for any issues.
  • CertTracker contacts non-complying contractors directly to resolve problems.
  • 'Contractor pays' billing available – you could pay nothing for this service!

CertTracker includes a full suite of customisable features, to ensure that our contractor management system performs exactly according to your needs:

  • Automated documentation requests
  • Simple landing page upload interface
  • Expiration tracking
  • Renewal reminders
  • Archive service for old documentation
    And much more...!

The CertTracker Compliance Team

Automation is the key to bringing you ease of use, accessibility, and efficiency, but the heart of our system is the dedicated managers of the CertTracker Compliance Team. Every day they work diligently to ensure that your compliance needs are met and managed successfully:

  • Each one is a trained risk management professional
  • Thoroughly check each document to guarantee compliance with your requirements
  • Contact non-responsive contractors directly
  • Phone tardy or non-complying contractors to resolve problems
  • Always available for customer support

Companies all over Australia trust CertTracker to ease their workload and provide outstanding contractor management solutions. We hope that we have the chance to help you, too!