Case Study

A Property Owner

An owner of commercial properties with 200 tenants spread across 2 sites. Checking the Tenants' Public liability and ISR policies in accordance with their lease

A Transport Company

Uses 1,000 casual drivers nationally, part of their employment contract is that their driver's licence is kept current. Each driver has to upload a scanned copy of their licence every 3 months to ensure they haven't lost their licence.

A Francishor

National retail franchise who's brand is their primary product, each franchisee has to upload:

  • - ISR
  • - Public Liability
  • - Workers' Compensation

Construction Company

Construction company who project manages large sites each contractors has to keep current:

  • - Contract Works insurance
  • - Public Liability
  • - Workers' Compensation
  • - OHS Policy

Company who uses many contractors

This company uses many transient contractors who represent their brand. Each contractors needs to have Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance. Because of the transient nature of the work it is hard to keep track of the contractors when they leave their engagement with the client. The CertTracker system allows the client to access the insurance information many years after their relationship with the contractor ends, this has saved them money financing claims that were probably insured anyway.